Spring Clean 2022 will be over two weekends –
18 – 20 and 25 – 27 March.

Registration is open!

Litter-pickers’ Map

This year we are introducing an interactive map showing where litter-picks are planned and where litter hotspots have been reported. If you are planning a group litter-pick, please check first that another group hasn’t beaten you to it – last year some groups found they had very little litter to collect! If you are registering as an individual you can use the map to find a group or groups you would like to join, and you can tell us on the registration form when you fill it in. Some groups may not be able to take extra volunteers – these are identified separately on the map.

View the Map

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Report a Hotspot

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What’s Spring Clean all about?

Read more about Spring Clean – what it is and why we do it – on this Fact Sheet.

Registered? What next?

Before Spring Clean

There are things you can be doing before Spring Clean to help make your litter-pick enjoyable and safe.

  • Download the Keep it Safe! leaflet and distribute it to your volunteers as they enlist.
  • Download the Sign In form and have it ready for everyone in your team to fill in when you brief them before going out.
  • It’s worth trying to find local sponsors – approach local shops, pubs, cafes for refreshments!

Ordering equipment

We will contact you a few weeks before Spring Clean to ask you to fill in an equipment order form. You don’t need to do anything about equipment until then, apart from deciding how many litter-pickers and hi-vis jackets you will need.

On the day

All the above information, and details of what to do on the day of your litter-pick, are on the Information and Guidance note which you can download here.


Photos from 2021 and some previous years are in the Photo Gallery.

We love to have your photos of your litter-pick, but please read these guidelines before sending them. The guidelines tell you about what pictures we can and can’t use, including some notes on privacy.

When you are ready, send your pictures to photos@oxclean.org.uk

Outside Oxford City?

OxClean works with Oxford City Council to arrange for the collection of rubbish. If you want to organise a litter-pick outside the city you will need to arrange collection with your local council. Click here for points of contact.

OxClean is an Oxford Civic Society initiative dedicated to keeping Oxford clean and tidy all year round – ensuring that our beautiful city is a welcoming and pleasant place for people to live, work and visit. We work in partnership with Oxford City Council, The Oxford Times and local community groups and schools.