Spring Clean Achievements 2015

Once more Spring Clean 2015 demonstrated an impressive commitment to a cleaner Oxford, to community spirit and civic pride. Huge quantities of litter and scrap that had been blighting our beautiful city were cleared away and awareness of the litter problem raised

Nearly all of Oxford’s LEA Primary and Secondary state schools are signed-up to our School’s Anti Litter Campaign – cleaning up in and out of their school grounds and taking part in litter themed curricular activity

70 + Community Groups organised two hour litter picks across the city

An impressive cross-section of Oxford’s communities was represented – allotment associations, friends of local parks, businesses, residents’ associations, cyclists, Headington School, Oxford High School, community associations, environment groups, parish councils, a tennis club, Rotary Clubs, Brookes street wardens, student groups,, Scouts, political groups,. See Map for a list of those taking part

In addition to neighbourhood streets, a number of other public places were tackled – car parks, stretches of the ring road, parks, recreation grounds, allotments, nature reserves, roundabouts,

Over 7 tonnes of litter, including 3 tonnes of recyclable litter was collected by community groups plus a further large quantity of scrap and fly tip.

Having previously placed 300 litter pickers with community groups an additional 500 litter pickers were in use over the weekend – often at several different sites!