NCS litterpick

Duke of Edinburgh’s Award litter-picking

OxClean supports the Duke of Edinburgh award scheme volunteering section, acting as assessor and loaning litter pickers and high viz vests – OxClean now has OxClean high viz vests with the DofE logo. All the secondary state schools and private schools in Oxford now have a dedicated DofE teacher who can help pupils with the DofE overall, including volunteering. So the awards can now be done via school.

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OxClean suggests pupils do the volunteering section in pairs, groups, or with family and friends. It is important to wear a high viz vest when litter picking, as inevitably litter picking is near cars. OxClean suggests that volunteers litter pick in the John Radcliffe hospital, Churchill hospital and Nuffield hospital carparks. These are all relatively safe as cars are moving slowly and there is a huge problem with litter. There are also bins that volunteers can put the litter in. The same applies at the car parks: Oxford Parkway, Peartree, Thornhill Park and Ride and Redbridge. The other area is the Oxford side, inner side, of the Northern and Eastern by pass where there is a wide path and the litter blows to the back along the hedge. Keeping these areas clean makes a huge difference to civic pride in Oxford.

OxClean suggests that as part of volunteering for the DofE awards, volunteers talk in class and assembly and on social media, perhaps with photos, about ways to prevent litter dropping, with a long term view to changing behaviour. Many other countries do not have a problem with litter. The UK is a particularly beautiful country, dropping litter damages the environment, lowers self esteem and leads to more litter dropping, and costs a great deal of money to clean up amongst other things.

If you would like to participate please contact, but please first read the information below.

Before you start you will be asked to write a brief project plan (up to 200 words) to describe:

  • Why you think this is important and what you hope to achieve
  • Where you plan to litter pick (with a map if possible)
  • How often you plan to go out
  • Any possible safety concerns and how you will stay safe
  • How you will evidence what you have done

After you have completed your volunteering you will be asked to submit some photographic evidence and a log detailing your experience, and a written short summary describing how the project went, focusing on what went well, what you learnt, and any problems you encountered.

Your supervisor will then be able to complete the online DofE Assessor’s Report and sign-off on the website.

Outside of Oxford OxClean cannot support DofE volunteers. Please would people who wish to volunteer look at the excellent DofE website, and find out what support your secondary school is giving to the DofE. If the school does not support DofE, pupils can apply direct to DofE and with the help of family and friends acting as assessors achieve the DofE.