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This year has seen an astonishing increase in groups wanting to litter-pick during the year, not just during Spring Clean.

In 2019 OxClean has been going for 12 years. While we’ve always had one or two groups litter-picking outside the Annual Spring Clean weekend in March, this year has seen at least 19 going out between May and October. The groups come from businesses (Oxford University Press and The Myers-Briggs Company, for example) but also Allotment groups, Community Groups, Churches, Oxfordshire County Council Community Support Services, and groups of friends and neighbours who want to make a difference in their local area.

Just choosing one example, here are the children of SS Philip and James CofE school (Phil & Jim) Climate Club in Jericho doing a litter-pick in September in the Aristotle recreation ground. Thanks to you all!

Phil & Jim Climate Club, Jericho at Aristotle recreation ground.
Phil & Jim Climate Club, Jericho at Aristotle recreation ground.

We think this upsurge in activity is probably due to the high profile anti-plastic movements and a general increasing interest in the environment. Since we started OxClean we have seen an improvement in the amount of litter we pick up, so change is happening and we are proud to be part of it.

We work closely with the City Council’s Direct Services who collect the sacks of rubbish from these picks; we are grateful for their continuing support. It has been suggested that citizen volunteers shouldn’t have to clean up other’s mess; that this is the Council’s job. But we can get to out-of-the way places that they cannot access, and of course they do not have unlimited resources.

If you, or a group you know, want to join this growing movement we can supply litter pickers, hi-vis vests and sacks from our Headington depot all year round. Just register here and we will make arrangements to provide whatever you need.

In the meantime, don’t forget to register for Spring Clean 2020!

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    I am holiday when the litter pick is happening in oxford. However I would like to do my own. Are you able to provide bags/ pickers and general advice. I have picked before

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